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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can cause my spa to stop heating or cause my heater's "high limit" to keep tripping?

A: We get phone calls daily about this problem. Believe it or not, the easy solution is often overlooked....you simply need to clean your filters. Hose them off with a high pressure hose, and then spray them with Filter Cleaner, which releases minerals and oils. Rinse them thoroughly again, and that's it. keep in mind, filters don't last forever. They generally last three years, so replace them when the time comes.

Q: How often do I need to change the water in my spa?

A: Water in the spa gets 'tired' after a while, and it's a personal assessment as to when to change it. Change your water when it doesn't maintain its clarity (which is crystal clear), or if you feel that the water doesn't seem fresh. Water builds up minerals from salts from you body and from evaporation after adding additional water. Rule of Thumb: Change water every three to four months for those with chemical-system spas, and every eight months for those with ozone-system spas.

Q: My Spa is ten years old... are there any major changes in spa technology that I might be missing out on?

A: A number of things have changed in the past ten years. Even though 1995 spas were great units, Hot Spring Spas has improved every aspect of their hot tubs. Today's spas have better jet systems, more jets, more effective jets, and the spas recycle heat better, and they have lower maintenance of exteriors, better sanitation, much-improved ozone systems and have more high-tech controls. They're also deeper, have more comfortable seating, come in attractive colors, and have polymer exteriors that look like real wood but possess great durability.