Time to spruce up your favorite retreat spot!

Summer Trade-in Sale

Time to spruce up your favorite retreat spot!

We know how much your Hot Tub is appreciated year round, but summer vacation time is when it goes into high demand. Let us help you “get the party started” with these great deals.


If you’re ready for a new spa with all the latest innovations and increased efficiency, this is the perfect time.

We are offering FREE removal of your old Hot Spring Spa, a $400 value now through July with the purchase of a new Hot Spring Spa. Plus, you will get the best pricing we offer on your new spa. Some restrictions apply, see stores for details.


Replace your tired, soaked, or ripped cover with a replacement cover from the original manufacturer of your Hot Spring Spa for the best fit. We do not recommend 3rd party covers due to the numerous variations on each spa model. You want that cover to fit perfectly! If you need to have it delivered and re-installed on your lifter, we offer that service as well. Ask about the costs to your area. We will take your old one to the dump so you don’t have to.


OZONE Service - Save 10% on a new Ozonator or any parts needed for your existing system.

How is your Ozone system working? Did you know we recommend replacing the ozone generator about every 4-5 years? This is the primary sanitation system on your spa, so make sure it’s in working condition.

10% OFF all COVER LIFTERS or parts for existing lifters. Cover Lifters get worn out, gas springs break and need to be replaced. Make sure the lifter is ready for all the use it will get this summer.

10% OFF VALET Special Drain and Clean. This is the white glove treatment for your spa. WE drain your spa, clean all surfaces, clean filters, clean the cover and condition it, clean the ozone venturi, refill and balance the water and get your spa up and running with a fresh start! REGULAR pricing $245- $295 depending on the size of your spa and location. If you need extra chemicals, let us know and we can deliver them at the time of this service, regular pricing will apply.